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Peet's Coffee & Tea

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Coffee Houses

1833 Broadway

Capitol Hill


Peet's Coffee and Tea

Peet's Coffee & Tea on Broadway is primed and ready to caffeinate the crowds that stroll on Broadway.  This retail location is well-designed and offers a beautiful presentation of their expresso bar and checkout  locations.  The displays and customer service are really lovely and this store has a sunny and cheerful feel. to it.  It is a large store but its seating area  is limited because this store caters to the Broadway walking crowd.  The wonderful Cal Anderson Park is only one block away from this store. 

I recently enjoyed an Americana cup at Peet's.  Their excellent staff ensured an enjoyable customer service experience. 

Combine your Broadway people-watching experience (see our web page about this) and coffee drinking experience at this coffee house.

Peet's Coffee and Tea



Peet's Coffee and Tea


Peet's Coffee & Tea has multiple locations in Seattle.

Please click here to go their web site for location information.


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