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Visiting the Pioneer Square District's Coffee Houses

Beautiful Places to Drink Coffee in the Charm of the Pioneer Square District


The Pioneer Square District has several coffee houses that feature excellent coffee and beautiful venues. Please click on the coffee house name for more information.


  Caffe Umbria
  Grand Central Bakery
  Pegasus Coffee
  Zeitgeist Coffee



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Caffe Umbria

320 Occidental Avenue

Caffe Umbria


I think Caffe Umbria has one of the most beautiful coffee houses in Seattle and it is located  on one of Seattle's most beautiful streets, Occidental Avenue.  The sunlight streaming in through the Caffe's gorgeous street windows adds a lovely touch to your coffee experience.  In the warm months, a seat in the patio area offers a magnificent view.

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Grand Central Bakery

214 First Avenue South in the Grand Central Arcade

Grand Central Bakery


Adjacent to Occidental Park, the bakery not only offers great coffee but they have mouth watering pastries as well.  The Arcade atrium is a lovely place to sit and enjoy your beverage.  In warmer weather, you can sit in the patio area looking out on Occidental Mall and Park.



Pegasus Coffee Bar

711 Third Avenue North

Pegasus Coffee Bar


This coffee house is housed in one of the Pioneer Square District’s most beautiful buildings, the Dexter Horton Building.  Pegasus serves delicious coffee in an attractive coffee house that has a great added benefit—the coffee house's windows look out at the lovable terra cotta walruses adorning the Arctic Club Building across the street. 

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Zeitgeist Coffee

171 South Jackson Street

Zeitgeist Coffee


Located across the street from the Klondike Gold Rush Park is this beautiful coffee house .  Its airy and light-filled interior along with the ever-changing local art exhibits provides a lovely place to sip your cup of excellent coffee.  In warm weather, you can also sit in the patio. 

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